Photobooks for each Year & Vacation


Organize pictures with this fun idea and get rid of old printed pictures. If you were born before 1990, you have at least one box full of old printed pictures–from your blurry baby pics to the triple prints of your own baby’s pictures. You know, the ones you printed and forgot about. You avoid this box like the plague for fear of what spider might be lurking in the bottom from sitting in your office closet or garage for 10 years. You don’t even look at these pictures. No one will ever look at these pictures. This box is a wasteland of happy memories. Revive and share them!

Tackle this project in steps. This may take some time, but I have done this and it’s worth it!

Photobooks for each Year & Vacation


Organize your pictures electronically: 

  1. Start with this year…yes, 2014, and work backwards one year at a time.
  2. Organize your pics electronically by creating an Our Pics folder on your computer or shared drive
  3. Create a sub-folder for each year, starting with 2014
  4. Create sub-folders within each year for annual events (Spring, Easter, Summer, Vacation, School, Sports, Fall, Winter…)
  5. Use these folders to organize electronic pics already stored on your computer
  6. Pull pictures & videos off your phone (at least every 2 months) and move them into the correct sub-folder. You’re welcome.
  7. **Scan printed pictures you don’t have electronic copies of and save in the appropriate sub-folder (then put them in separate envelopes by year)
  8. Yay! You now have your photos organized electronically


Create your Photobooks:

  1. Use any online photobook creator (Snapfish, Shutterfly, Walgreens, etc…)–We use Snapfish and wait for 50% off sales.
  2. Create your online account and follow directions to customize your photobook size and theme. Upload pictures. THIS WILL BE SO FAST & EASY AFTER YOUR PICTURES ARE ORGANIZED ELECTRONICALLY.
  3. Upload pictures based on year. Start with most recent completed year and work backwards
  4. Have fun customizing your book! You can fit a TON of photos in a photobook and they take up virtually no space.


Get rid of all the old printed pics:

  1. Create old-school photo albums as gifts for your parents, grandparents, and aunts/uncles. They will LOVE these gifts. You are giving the printed pics a good home. Since you already separated printed pics in envelopes by year, put them in photo albums in order and say goodbye to the old box!

I’m working on these gifts now and will post more later!

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