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It’s springtime and I was afraid to show my pale legs in public until I met this updated Jergens formula! Now my fair skin has a natural tan and it only cost $8.64. This is one of my favorite Saver tips to avoid the high costs of salon spray tans and the damaging exposure of tanning beds. This is a bottle of awesome.

I went to Walmart and bought this new Jergens Natural Glow formula. SURPRISE! It only cost $8.64 for 7.5fl, they eliminated the tan-lotion smell, AND they added a cellulite firming component. Bless them! I have been using this for 2 weeks and I have an awesome, natural tan. I apply each morning after I shower, and there is virtually NO smell. I also apply some nights before bed. I wore shorts on Saturday. I’m the gal who wore jeans to a golf tournament in July (it was 100 degrees, no joke) because I hate my fair legs. This is a bottle of awesome.

Saver Tips: Get the traditional lotion bottles, as pictured. They are approximately $1.15/oz while the larger (more appealing) pump bottles (which are the SAME product) cost approximately $1.20/oz. Get the Firming lotion–it costs the same with extra benefits.

Get it & read more product reviews online: Walmart.com

More product information available at Jergens.com

Photo credit: Imabeautygeek.com

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