16th Birthday Party Ideas

16th Birthday Stoplight Cookie

We surprised my cousin last week with a 16th Birthday Party and these fun 16th Birthday Party Ideas! I put together a gift jar full of special goodies and his mom shared some creative stoplight and road sign cookies that were even personalized with his name! These are a few great ideas to make a 16th Birthday fun, especially if you’re doing a ‘driving’ theme. His parents surprised him with a new-to-him car and he was so excited! 

16th Birthday Gift Jar

So my aunt and I are the creative people in our family, so when our forces combine, it’s bound to be interesting. We didn’t know
exactly what the other had cooked up for my cousins surprise 16th birthday party, so it was fun to arrive and see what we’d come up with!

Staying true to our frugal nature, I found an empty mason jar from our cabinet and brainstormed some cheap/fun gift ideas that would fit in the jar and relate to the ‘driving’ theme of his party. It had to be masculine too. I included a couple of his favorite candy bars, a tire air gauge, car air freshener, and a gift card to the local gas station for gas. I found some left over scrapbook stickers I had (from an old ‘vacation’ themed sticker page) that said “Road Trip” and “Open Road” so they were absolutely perfect. I just cut a circle from green construction paper and glued to the mason jar lid, then added the stickers and a homemade gift tag to personalize. He loved this gift and I received several compliments at the party. Obviously my family is fooled into thinking I’m some sort of creative genius, when in fact, this is SUPER easy to do!

My aunt provided the local grocery store bakery with some road sign and stoplight cookie pics, and the grocery store came up with these beauties! These were so neat, I couldn’t believe they weren’t from a specialty bakery. Using your local grocery bakery is a great way to save money on special orders, including birthday cakes! They can obviously do a fantastic job:-)

Road Sign Cookies

Hopefully these ideas come in handy if you’re planning a party for a new driver! They work well with boys who aren’t too interested in having the typical Sweet 16 party that girls do. Boys might want something more masculine and low-key like this…oh, and throwing in a new surprise car doesn’t hurt either! When my aunt brought him outside to see his car, he was SO shocked. He didn’t say a word, climbed in the driver seat, and then immediately drove out of the backyard and through the neighborhood! We were all standing in the yard with clueless dork faces, wondering where in the world he went!  He was gone for 10 minutes! It was awesome.

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