July 4th Flag Jar & Pinwheel Centerpiece

4th of July Painted Flag Jars

This 4th of July craft idea has been floating around online for a few weeks, so I decided to try out my own July 4th Flag Jar & Pinwheel Centerpiece! We have no Independence Day decor at our house, so I thought this would be a fun frugal craft to create a celebratory spirit in the house for July! This is a cheap and easy craft that will only cost a minimal amount, considering many of us already have the supplies at home. 

If you don’t have the supplies at home, it’s still a pretty cheap activity! Everyone is doing these this year, but I found my inspiration via MaisonDePax.com. Her picture is so much prettier than mine, but I made my jars a little different and made pinwheels for them instead of flowers (turns out paper is cheaper than flowers, LOL).

Here’s what you need: 

  • Star stickers & circle stickers (I made my own using my label maker)
  • 3 Mason Jars (you can also use spaghetti sauce jars that have been cleaned with label removed)
  • red, white, blue paint (I used acrylic because I already had it)
  • small art paintbrush
  • red, white, blue pipe cleaners
  • red, white, blue scrap paper (I used construction paper and old scrapbook paper)
  • craft/scrapbook push pins

step by step painted jar craft

Here’s what you do: Peel off stickers carefully

  1. Gather supplies & prepare work area (don’t you love my Halloween candy corn table cloth?!)
  2. Place circle stickers all over 2 mason jars. Place star stickers all over 1 mason jar
  3. Paint 2 jars white; 2 coats (paint right over the circle stickers). Let them dry & add the red stripes.
  4. Paint 1 jar blue; 1 coat should work (paint right over the star stickers).

Peel off stickers carefully (at right). You will want to etch around them with a sharp edge before pulling them off.

5. – 6. Insert candles if you’d like. You can quit here if you want:-)

How to make paper pinwheels

How to Make Paper Pinwheels: 

1. Cut square pieces of red/white/blue paper. Glue them together so there is a color/design on both sides
2. Cut halfway to center of each square from the corners. Fold in every other corner and attach at middle with craft push pins.
3. Twist pipe cleaners together (three created the best sturdiness to hold up the pinwheels)
4. Attach pipe cleaners to back of each pinwheel and arrange in decorated jars

Happy 4th of July and hope you enjoy my version of this cute craft!
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