Painted Alphabet & Sight Word Rocks

Painted Alphabet Rocks

Now that my daughter knows her letters and letter sounds, we are working on some basic sight words and phonics skills. This fun idea for Painted Alphabet & Sight Word Rocks was a HIT! She loved every part of this activity and we created a reusable educational tool to prepare her for Kindergarten next year. I already had the painting supplies at home and the rocks were free. Now that’s frugal! Alphabet Rocks Collage

This is a great learning and craft activity for kids ages 3-5 who are still learning basic letter sounds and recognizing upper/lower case letters. You can  get creative and paint the letters with colors the kids can sort.  If your kids are older, they could help you paint the letters on. We figured out that my 4 year old daughter wasn’t quite ready for that, as the paint was very difficult to write with. She loved helping me paint the background colors though! We used acrylic paint, which was fast drying.

For another great (and fancier) looking set, check out this site. She used a sharpie to outline the letters and it turned out very nice. Her rocks were decorative & store bought, so try finding rocks around your neighborhood for a more frugal spin–like we did!

I took my daughter on a bike ride around the neighborhood to collect 26 rocks…1 for every letter of the alphabet. Then we washed/dried them, painted them (using paper plates for our paint and painting base), let them dry, and then I painted the letters. We did upper case on one side and lower case on the other. This fun lasted about 1.5 hours total!

Have fun and happy reading!

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    • Mrs. Saver says

      I actually have them saved in our crafting cabinet so we can use them again & again before my daughter starts Kindergarten next year. Then, perhaps the garden would be perfect! Thanks for stopping by!


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