Save Money with Disney Movie Rewards

Saving Money with Disney Movie Rewards

Frugal Friday is here and we’ve got a great tip for you! Ever buy a Disney movie and find an insert with a magical code for Disney Movie Rewards on the inside of your DVD or Blu-ray disc? We used to ignore these because we thought it was a waste of time and a sales tactic. We’ve now discovered that, if used carefully, you can save money with Disney Movie Rewards! There are some nice freebies you can earn, including Disney gift cards, which is especially important as we’re saving for a Disney World vacation this fall and can use the gift cards at the parks!

We’ve got our  home TV’s equipped with Apple TV devices, so we’ve spent some time uploading each and every DVD we own to the system so we can play them via the simple touch of a button (it’s awesome if you don’t have one!). After the videos were uploaded, we had no use for the DVD’s or cases anymore, so we chucked them into a big storage bin in the garage. Well, because apparently you have to keep them to prove you own them, even after uploading them to your Apple TV device. Oh well. This tub had been sitting in our garage for years until one day Mr. Saver was cleaning and came across the DVD cases. Frugal Friday Badge

He pulled out the Disney Movie Rewards inserts and did some investigating because we’re going to Disney again for the 4th time this fall and we’re trying to save money on the trip. Mr. Saver opened all the old DVD cases for our Disney movies and entered the movie codes online. It took a while, but it was worth it–we had stock piled well over 2,000 points in Disney Movie Rewards! Fireworks in celebration!!

You can also redeem movie stubs from seeing the latest Disney movies at the theater!

Here are some examples of freebies you can get with your points: 

  • Browse the Rewards Catalog online!
  • Disney gift cards (accepted at Disney parks and restaurants near the parks)–this is what we used all our points on!
  • Disney Clothing & Accessories
  • DVD’s & Blu-Ray movies
  • Disney collectibles
  • e-cards toward airfaire
  • and Lots more!

I also noticed they have Disney stickers and other small items available for 0 points, you just have to join & create an account. Now that’s frugal!

Happy Frugal Friday!

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