Car Seat Labels

Car Seat Labels

It’s Frugal Friday and I wanted to share this easy, cheap safety MUST if you have children. Creating a simple car seat label for your child could mean the difference between hours or days it takes the police to identify them and locate an emergency contact if you’re in a car accident and unable to communicate. When you include your information (as the parent) it also helps the police identify you. Take 5 minutes today and create these stickers! 

I hope this doesn’t seem too paranoid, but I’m always thinking of the worst case scenario and these little stickers allowed me to rest a little sounder the night before we started our 2 day driving trip to Florida last year. We are taking another driving trip to Florida in the fall and these are still on the car seats, ready to go.

I just kept thinking, what if we get in an accident and are put in an ambulance and our kids are in so much shock they don’t know who to call, or don’t remember our address? Our kids don’t know their grandparent’s phone numbers yet (maybe we should get working on that), but even if they did, could they remember in the shock of an accident? What if they were injured too?

For these simple car seat labels, I used my label maker & included the following info. You can simply use a plain white sheet of paper if you don’t have a label maker and attach using clear packing tape.

  • First Name, Last NameFrugal Friday Badge
  • Address
  • City, State, Zip
  • Parent Names & Phone Numbers
  • Emergency Contact Name & Phone Number

Once you’ve got them printed, put one on each child’s car seat (don’t forget the car seats in your spouse’s car).
I covered my labels with clear packing tape. This protects the label should a car accident occur in the rain or if the seat gets wet.

I hope none of us ever have to use this, but it’s a sigh of relief knowing it’s there. Hope this is helpful to someone out there!

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