DIY Chevron Initial Door Hanger

DIY Chevron Initial Door Hanger

Hey guys! It’s Monday and I’m excited to be blogging again after a long and busy weekend! We took another day trip (to Bentonville/Rogers, Arkansas this time) –but I’ll blog about that later! I know summer is almost kind of over, but I’ve seen so many awesome and adorable summer door wreaths online, I just had to put one together for my door! We have 1 (pitiful, yes) door wreath and it’s a seven-year-old completely worn out Christmas wreath. This means our front door is a bare and lonely place 11 months per year. I made this SO cute DIY Chevron Initial Door Hanger as a companion for my lonely door throughout the rest of summer, and it cost me less than $15! 

I’ve seen some cute ideas online for making chevron patterns and felt flowers, so I decided to piece several things together for this. First, I found our last name initial at Michael’s for about $5.99.

Then, I created some texture and a perfect (don’t laugh) chevron pattern by drawing straight line boxes on the letter with pencil and using plain ole white elmer’s glue to freehand a chevron pattern.

DIY chevron pattern

I let the glue dry overnight and erased any visible pencil marks. Then I painted over the whole thing with two quick coats of white acrylic paint (which was free because I had some in my craft drawer, score!).

I found some old picture hangers in the garage and attached them on the back. The nails were too long to go all the way through, so I just nailed them in part way and super glued it down for extra measure. It’s solid:-)

chevron pattern

To make some SUPER adorable and easy felt flowers, I bought a few cheap pieces of felt from Michael’s and traced/cut a circle on each one using an old DVD as a template. Then I cut a cinnamon roll pattern (don’t you like my name for this?) on each one. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Roll it from the center and go hot glue crazy! I actually finished all six of my flowers without burning the skin off my fingers, so it was good. It was easy! I glued them right onto my chevron letter.

DIY Felt Flowers

My door decoration was looking good by this point!

DIY Chevron Initial with Felt Bows

So, I was most nervous about doing a bow. The thought of making a bow was so intimidating that I left this pile of craft stuff on my office floor for 3 WEEKS before I decided to go for it. I found a similar super cute bow idea at HomeSweetRuby, but I wanted a fuller bow. I decided to get creative and double the bow….see the magic below. I was so impressed with myself. Using a rubber band to hold the bow together was sheer awesomeness.

DIY Double Bow

DIY Double Bow Step 2

After hot gluing my award-winning (don’t laugh, again) bow on my chevron letter and attaching a little ribbon for hanging, this beauty went on my front door.

DIY Chevron Initial Door Decoration

Can you see my door  grinning with gratitude for its new companion? Me neither, but at least the UPS man will notice my hard work. And I love it! Enjoy:-)

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