Easy July 4th Banner Using Cheap Stuff You Already Have

Easy cheap July 4th Banner

With July 4th around the corner, and both kids at home all day, every day over the summer, I decided to try my own frugal version of a holiday banner for the mantle. My goal was to create something using items I already had. It also had to be easy enough for the kids to help and cute enough to actually hang on my mantle. Here it is! Have fun with this step-by-step tutorial of how to make an easy July 4th banner using cheap stuff you already have! 

It’s so easy to get lost on Pinterest looking at all these wonderful and creative holiday decorating ideas. Just this week I made my version of 4th of July painted flag mason jars floating around online land and several of my Facebook friends made their own too. We are either all brilliant, or we’re all looking for super cheap and easy ways to decorate home for the holiday.

My version of this banner is pretty awesome (I’m saying so myself, realizing you may not agree) because it cost me $0! Yes, I must say it. Now that’s frugal! I even made my own stickers for this (maybe too much effort to save 99 cents, but oh well).

My kids were super excited about this activity. First we raided my craft drawers to see what supplies we had to work with. We were out of red construction paper. Great. We did have regular white printer paper and a couple pieces of blue construction paper left though! I also found some extra scrapbook paper with red on it (close enough, I thought). With some scotch tape and red balloon ribbon, this was going to work! Literally with scraps of crap from my craft drawer.

  • So Pre-Step 1: Gather whatever supplies you can find that are red, white, and blue. Get creative!

July 4th Banner Supplies

  • Official Step 1: Draw a pennant template by hand (I had to try several until I was happy with one) and trace onto your paper.
  • Step 2: Trace pennants onto other colors of paper if you have them
  • Step 3: Cut out red strips from extra scrapbook paper you have that just so happens to have red on it (ok, I realize this step is probably just for me)
  • Step 4: Cut out your pennants

Assemble banner pennants

  • Step 5: Glue red strips to white pennants to create flag look
  • Step 6: Trim sides & glue red strip to top of blue pennants
  • Step 7: Cut out star stickers (or buy cheap ones) and put on blue pennants to create flag look
  • Step 8: Arrange pennants on floor, turn over to back, and tape a long piece of balloon ribbon to back (leave extra ribbon on each end to hang your banner with)

In case anyone wants to know how how I made my own star stickers, I actually used my label maker.

Make your own labelsTo make star stickers using a label maker, open a Word document and insert stars from clip art. You can adjust their shape and put several in a row. Then hit Ctrl+PrintScreen buttons on your keyboard at the same time (this copies your entire computer monitor image to your clipboard). Then open Microsoft Picture Manager and paste the image. Click on the image to crop it (crop so just your stars are showing). Then save your image to your computer. Open your label maker software and insert your star picture. Voila!

Here’s our finished 4th of July Banner. It looks pretty good for a free kid/mom summer craft project!

Finished 4th of July Baner

Hope you enjoyed my frugal version of this craft! Happy 4th of July!

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