3 Free Apps That Save Big Money on Groceries

3 Free Grocery Apps To Earn Money

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Happy Frugal Friday! Grocery shopping is something most of us have to do every week, so we try to keep our weekly expenses under $100. There are several ways we save money on groceries (see our post 10 Ways to Spend Less than $100 on Groceries), but we discovered 3 frugal gems this week!  A friend told us about these 3 Free Apps that Save Big Money on Groceries! We’ve already started using these super easy apps and have already saved money our first week just by taking a picture of our receipt!

Just this week we learned about some very cool ways to save extra cash while grocery shopping by simply shopping and using these 3 mobile phone applications. We both have iOS devices, but Android versions are also available. The key to all these applications is to not allow yourself to buy anything you don’t need just because a rebate is offered. Stick to your list!

Ibotta (Register for Ibotta)


Ibotta is very fun and addicting app available for the mobile phone platforms. You complete little mini-games to earn rebates for items you buy at the store like milk, eggs, and bread. These can be any brand! You must complete the tasks and have the rebates ready before your shopping trip. When you are back home you’ll redeem the rebates by scanning the receipt and the UPC on the product you’re redeeming the rebate for, such as milk. Then you’ll be notified when the money has been added to your account. When you set up your account, you can have Ibotta send your money to Venmo, PayPal, or purchase gift cards, What’s easier than that?!! We made about $1.75 from Ibotta on our last $100 trip. This is in addition to the money we saved using Checkout 51, good ole price matching, Walmart Savings Catcher, and credit card rewards!

Walmart Savings Catcher (Walmart Savings Catcher App)

Walmart Savings Catcher

You access this app by downloading the Walmart app for your mobile phone. Simply search “Walmart” in the app store. Note: you’ll need a Walmart.com account. After you buy your items at Walmart, keep your reciept. There’sl a QRCode that you can scan using Savings Catcher in the Walmart App (the QRCode is the digital box-looking thing). It will compare everything you bought with local competitors and credit you with a Walmart E-Card for the difference. (Note: You’ll still want to price match as there is a yearly limit to what you can earn using Savings Catcher!)

Check out this quick video on Savings Catcher

Checkout 51 (Checkout 51 App)

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 doesn’t seem to have as many rebate options as Ibotta, but it’s much easier to use. It’s a simple program that offers several rebates on items that are updated every Wednesday. You are not required to do anything but scan your receipt and note which items you’re getting rebates for. After the receipt has been reviewed they’ll add funds to your account. Once you reach $20, they’ll send you a check in the mail. So awesome!

Hopefully you’ve found some of this info helpful as you wade through the flood of groceries. We’ve had a lot of fun experimenting with these apps this week. It’s sort of become a new game for us…we might be a little weird. Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. says

    Great information! Thanks for sharing. I forwarded this to my daughter who is away at college. She constantly complains about the price of groceries so I’m sure she will find these apps useful. I saw this on The SITS Sharefest. Have a great week!

    • Mrs. Saver says

      Using this apps sure help a little, but if you throw in price matching, a few coupons, and some cash back rewards. It can add up! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. says

    I use Ibotta and Checkout 51. Love them both! Had not heard of the Walmart Savings Catcher app. Will have to try it. Thanks for sharing. Jingit is another app that I like. Check it out if you haven’t already. Has an option to watch videos and earn money in addition to rebates, scanning, and checking in at Walgreens, Target, Walmart, CVS, and Kmart.

    • Mrs. Saver says

      We’ll checkout out Jingit. Who knew all these apps were out there. We’ll have to post a part 2 listing the new apps we’ve found.


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