Birthday Freebies and Coupons

Birthday Freebies and Coupons

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It’s Frugal Friday! AND it also happens to be my Birthday week–Happy Birthday to me! I don’t know about you, but when I became and adult and discovered that there are no more birthday presents, I sort of freaked out. No one prepared me for it. Of course I was 19 and about to become a married woman, so no one thought I needed birthday gifts anymore. Now that I’m in my almost-mid 30’s, I’ve discovered that birthday presents for adults DO exist! Let me tell you all about Birthday Freebies and Coupons. These are things  you get just for having a birthday. Just for being born. So awesome. 

Ryan got me started on these birthday coupons a few years ago and they are the best thing since, well, actual birthday presents. We’ve discovered that nearly all our favorite restaurants and dessert places offer free items and coupons within a couple weeks of your birthday if you join their email list.

Here’s what we do. We’ve created a separate email address that we use for these “sign-up” sorta things. Sometimes the email addresses you use will receive a lot of spam email. Creating a separate email eliminates spam from your regular email account.

Make a list of your favorite local restaurants, eateries, and dessert joints. Check out their website and sign-up for their newsletters, members club, or whatever they are calling it. Almost all of them will ask for your birth month and date when you sign up. Don’t be alarmed–they are using this info to send you birthday freebies and coupons.

To speed the process up, just download a form-filling entry software like Roboform, which will auto-enter all your info as you begin typing. It’s our preferred method and works great. This program is also an awesome password manager.

Check your inbox about a week before your birthday and voila! It will be filled with all sorts of great things. We often sign up for new places right before our birthdays so we can receive the goods.

Here’s an example of Birthday Freebies & Coupons I’ve received so far:

Happy Birthday

This is just the tip of the iceberg! Try your own favorite local places and see if they offer special birthday discounts. This is a fun way to celebrate your adult birthday all month, just remember to bring your photo ID, as most of these places will check to make sure it’s you! Many restaurants also offer free desserts on your birthday and you can sign up multiple family members so they receive birthday freebies too! This is a super easy and fun way to stretch your dining out budget. Have a great weekend!

We’ve also created a new Directory of all email clubs you can join for freebies. We’ll keep it as current as possible, but welcome any additions. Let us know if you’ve found any other restaurants offering freebies.

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    • says

      Roboform saved us so much time when signing up for these it was unreal. Simply, click the button and the form was filled out and submitted.

    • says

      There’s many more out there. We created a directory and will continue to update that with more that we find. We never turn down FREE food. Thanks for stopping by!


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