DIY Baby’s 1st Year Book

Baby's first year book

A new Monday, a new week! I was thinking this weekend about what frugal crafty craft to post about today, when I looked right in front of me and saw the scrapbooks I made for each of our kids during their 1st year. I thought it would be great to share how to create a DIY Baby’s 1st Year Book because these are items that we actually look at often and they can be much prettier than your ordinary baby book! Whether you like to scrapbook or create photo books online, this is a fun and meaningful DIY.

So when I was 24 years old and pregnant with our first child, I did the pregnancy book, pregnancy calendar (with stickers…), and started 2 baby books. It was a little overboard, but oh well. I never, I mean never, pull those things out to look at them. Now that our son is almost 8, I don’t even care when his baby teeth grew in. We are just trying to lose all these wretched baby teeth so we can begin the braces our dentist has told us he needs each appointment for the past 2 years.

For my daughter, I still did the baby book, but I did limit it to 1 book and no pregnancy records. Pictures of me looking like a whale are quite enough without other bodily details that were also less than pleasant.

For each of my kids though, I did something unique for their 1st year- a Scrapbook! I know scrapbooks are time consuming, so you can take all the tips I’m sharing here and create a photo book instead using or your other favorite site.

Baby book

Tips to create a Baby’s 1st Year Photo book or Scrapbook
(a book you will actually look at regularly with your kids as they grow!)

  1. Buy an easy, generic design. This way it’s easy to find the same design later if you have more kids & want to stay consistent.
  2. Make the 1st page special and include a detailed, hand written (or typed) story of the day your child was born. Include pictures from the hospital, such as your first family picture and/or your first time holding your new baby.
  3. Include pages for major holidays throughout the year in chronological order, starting from their birth date.
    For example, if your child is born in March, you might follow this pattern: Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Include any other special holidays your family celebrates.
  4. Baby book holidaysInclude pages for major milestones and “firsts” throughout the year such as: 1st bath, 1st trip to the zoo, 1st vacation, 1st car ride, etc….
  5. Include a Mommy & Me page and a Daddy & Me page featuring only pictures of baby with either mom or dad.
  6. Include a sibling page (or two!) with baby and his/her new older brothers and sisters.
  7. Include a Grandmas and/or Grandpas page featuring baby and his/her grandparents.
  8. Include an Aunts/Uncles page featuring baby and his/her aunts & uncles.
  9. Make the last page about baby’s 1st Birthday! This is a fun ending to the book and our kids love looking back through their first year as a baby! I also included a decoration from each of our kids 1st birthday parties.

Baby book Birthday

Whether you’re planning for a new baby, or your baby is quickly growing already, this is a fun project that can not only help you organize baby photos, but create a memory book that looks great on display in a living room that you and guests will love to look through on a regular basis. Have fun & remember that you can easily and quickly create this as a photo book online if you don’t have the time or passion for scrapbooking!

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