DIY Personalized Gift Plates and Stencils

DIY Personalized Gift Plates and Stencils

I hope your weekend was beautiful and you are celebrating the return of school! We are so excited for school to start on Tuesday so we can get back to routine and regain some sanity. To commemorate our last week of summer break, I jam-packed the week with activities for the kids. You’ve probably seen similar DIY Personalized Gift Plates on pinterest before, but I wanted to try it using a DIY stencil design and some colored sharpie markers. 

As you know, I like to keep my craft projects on the cheap, so we used $1 store plates for this project. They are actually quite heavy duty, even more so than my daily dishware. Everyone got their own plate to design & color.

I hit the internet for some images and let the kids choose which they liked best. Our daughter loves owls, so she picked out a very cute image and I loved it so much that I also chose an owl image for my plate. My son chose a wolf and bat. Ryan was at work, so I selected a fishing image for his plate. I simply copied the images & pasted them into a Word document. You can format the image in Word and adjust the size as needed.

DIY Plate Examples


I printed the images on regular printer paper, carefully cut them out, then taped them to the plates.My next step was to outline the images using a thin sharpie marker. After the image was outlined, I drew the interior image elements freehand. This wasn’t too hard, so don’t be intimidated. I am definitely no artist!

DIY Plates step by step

Once completely drawn, I went over with a thick black sharpie marker and then we all colored our plates using ultra fine point colored sharpie markers. The end results were extremely cute!

DIY Plates Step by Step

As all the other online instructions say, I baked the plates at 350 degrees for 30 minutes, then we let them cool off in the oven.

What we learned:

  1. Parents should trace and draw the designs. It takes patience and a steady hand.
  2. Kids can color in the designs and love this activity!
  3. The plates look super adorable and would be perfect to gift with cookies or another treat.
  4. Only the thick black sharpie marker did not rub off when washed. I hand washed these delicately and almost all the colored marker rubbed off, even after following the baking instructions (including letting the plates warm up in the oven and cool off in the oven after baking).
  5. Do a black/white design only OR try a colored design using oil based sharpie colored markers, available at your local craft store. I read on a couple sites that these colors remain permanent after baking. I wish I had seen this BEFORE we made our plates. Oh well, yours will turn out cute and stay permanent:-)

Even though our plates aren’t best for eating a meal on, they are still perfectly fine for dry goodies like cookies and turned out very cute. We plan to make more of these for Christmas gifts (but we’ll use the right markers next time)! Happy crafting!

(Owl artwork adapted from: and Fisherman artwork adapted from:

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