DIY Preschool Alphabet Craft Book

DIY Preschool Alphabet Book

Hi guys– this is SUCH a fun post to write! I am working on a huge list of resources and ideas for teaching your Preschool-5th Graders at home, but I wanted to post some of my individual lesson craft ideas first! This DIY Preschool Alphabet Craft Book is such a simple and frugal lesson activity for preschoolers ages 4-5 and it will keep you busy the entire school  year! I used this alphabet book to inspire a letter-of-the-week theme for preschool last year with my 4 year old daughter and she loved these crafts! 

When my 7 year old son was in preschool, I worked full-time. I missed so many great memories with him, but I was so appreciative of his fantastic preschool teachers. On his last day of preschool before Kindergarten, his teachers sent home a very special alphabet book he’d made throughout the year. It’s one of my favorite keepsakes. Now that I’m home full-time doing preschool with my daughter, I wanted to make something similar. I came up with this DIY Preschool Alphabet Craft Book and all the crafty work you see here is my daughter’s handiwork from last year.

Preschool Alphabet Book 1

I decided to create a letter-of-the-week theme for the school year and incorporated a letter craft each week. Some weeks we did a letter craft for both upper & lower case letters, but that would be a huge amount of pics to post and you can find other great ideas online if you want to branch out further than these. is a great resource for other activities that we used for the letter-of-the-week theme.

Preschool Alphabet Book 2

Preschool Alphabet Book 4

Preschool Alphabet Book 5

The best parts about this book…

  • It’s SO cheap to make (construction paper, glue, crafty eyeballs, scissors, pipe cleaners, stickers….cheap, cheap stuff!)
  • This will be one of your most treasured keepsakes as your kids grow!
  • It fits so well with a letter-of-the-week preschool theme
  • You can have your child trace the word on the page (the word for the item they crafted, like Apple for the letter A). I let my daughter trace my handwriting at first, but she was writing the words on her own by the end of last year!
  • Excellent way to teach letters, including the difference between upper & lower case
  • Excellent way to begin teaching letter sounds! We are using her book this year to review letter sounds.
  • Incorporates skills such as scissor cutting, eye hand coordination, gluing, and other fine motor skills
  • Did I mention this will be one of your most treasured keepsakes later?!

Preschool Alphabet Book 6

Preschool Alphabet Book 7

As you finish a page, simply use a 3-hole punch to add them into a 3-ring binder from the $1 store. Have fun!

Preschool Alphabet Book Zebra

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