Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 Review #TMNTmovie

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 Review


Notice: This review is Spoiler free! I was not compensated , so this review is my own take on the movie.

Tonight we watched the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 movie. I thought it’d be good to share our thoughts on this movie. I should first note that I was an avid TMNT fan growing up, so I was probably just as excited as my children to see the heroes in a half shell hit the big screen again.

We chose to view it on the “Grand Screen” (think IMAX) at our local theater in 2D. I have heard that they made several scenes for 3D, so it’d be interesting to hear any feedback from someone who saw it in 3D. The movie length was about right and held my kid’s attention the entire time.

I was surprised that Megan Fox’s acting wasn’t half bad in this movie. The real star of the show were the turtles (of course).


  • While there are a few bad words, the movie only hand a couple that I caught. Nothing like Transformers Age of Extinction, which I thought went overboard. One of the turtles very loudly cusses in one part, which I didn’t think was necessary. It was one the the very few times during this movie.
  • The turtles were entertaining and funny. I caught my kids laughing hysterically on several occasions.
  • Good story! I’m so glad they ditched the alien origin story that was rumored for so long. They even made fun of that fact in the movie.
  • Violence wasn’t too bad at all. I felt pretty comfortable with my kids watching for the most part. The action moves so quick and they don’t really hover on the aftermath of battle.


  • The story felt a little rushed. While the origin has be done several times, I felt we needed to revisit some of the back story and how it involved Splinter and the Shredder in this retelling. They glaze over it very quickly and get right to the action. It was made for the kids and that wasn’t all bad.

Overall we enjoyed the movie and the kids are already excited to watch it again. (bad news for them is that’ll be when it comes out on video).

3.5/5 Stars


-MR. Saver

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