10 Minute Monogram Pillows

10 minute monogram pillows2

Happy Frugal Friday! I know the weather is cooling down just a bit in time for fall, but I wanted to squeeze in a couple more outdoor posts before it gets too cold out. Last week we hosted our first small group meeting at our house, so I figured it was time to spruce up our outdoor furniture pillows a bit. These 10 Minute Monogram Pillows were the perfect quick project using materials I already had and they turned out great!

If you’ve been following for a while, you probably saw my epic (by epic I mean super awesome) DIY Painted Patio Seat Cushions for my outdoor furniture. I literally transformed my entire outdoor furniture set & cushions for under $50 with a little paint and spray paint. They still look great! The pillows I painted were still a bit plain as a single color, so I wanted to spruce them up with a monogram initial. Initially, I thought about using a bleach pen, but figured that would take longer and I wouldn’t be able to control the finished product as much. In the end, I decided to print my own stencil off my computer and use a plain ole black sharpie marker for this project!

10 minute monogram pillows

First, I opened a blank word document on my PC and played around with several fonts until I decided on this standard looking one. There are many free fonts you can download online if you want something more unique. I enlarged the letter to fill the entire page and printed it out. Of course the size of your stencil will depend on the size of your pillow and the design you want, so measure first:-)

Then I simply taped the stencil to my pillow, traced it, and colored in with a black sharpie! I used the dull point sharpies, as the fine point ones did not work well at all. The finished product looks extremely polished and won’t rub off on clothing. I used 1 new sharpie and still had ink left over. This was the perfect easy compliment to my painted pillows and finished my Painted Patio Furniture set well!

Well, it’s seriously that simple! Tell me what you think about this crafty craft below:-) Has anyone else tried this? If you have an awesome Budget DIY, feel free to share that too. I’m always looking for easy cheap projects to spruce up the house. Happy weekend everyone!

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