$15 Patio Chair Makeover

15 dollar patio chair makeover

I know fall officially starts today and I although I don’t enjoy cold weather, fall is pretty awesome. Who doesn’t like fall? Not too hot – not too cold. Just right. It’s definitely Goldilocks’ favorite season! When I shared my 10 Minute Monogram Pillow project last week, I did warn you that I had another outdoor DIY to share before the weather gets too cold. Here it is! My $15 Patio Chair Makeover was a quick and easy project that took less than 2 hours and completely transformed my old rusty patio chairs into fantastic modern chairs that perfectly compliment my epic Painted Patio Seat Cushions and updated wicker set (which cost less than $50…check out the jaw dropping before/after)! Just in time to invite some fall guests for dinner & enjoy a meal outdoors in this perfect Midwest weather!

We had these 2 old metal seats that were sitting in our garden for a couple years. After a massive multi-day garden weeding escapade, I discovered them again…they had been disguised by our overgrown garden. Oops. Of course not a single person sat in those chairs the two years they were in the garden. Before that home, they were part of a larger patio dining set we bought approximately 150 years ago. The other remnants from the set were either trashed or broken years ago and these were the last survivors.

I decided these chairs needed a makeover. They are made of metal and are in really great condition, despite their ugly rusted outward appearance. With a little elbow grease (and I do mean a little) and some spray paint, these beauties now gracefully highlight our patio!

My $15 Patio Chair Makeover

Step 1: Decide on colors. I wanted a modern update with bright colors, so I picked black and bright green spray paint to compliment my black/blue wicker set. My bright green was a Valspar brand indoor/outdoor spray paint and the black was a Rustoleum Satin indoor/outdoor spray. I purchased 2 green + 2 black (about 3.78 each). This was my only cost!

Step 2: Spray paint seats first. I did this because the seats would be easier to cover when spray painting the legs/arms. Depending on your chairs, spray paint the easiest surface to cover first. Then let it dry completely.

15 dollar patio chair makeover 3

Step 3: Cover seats with trash bags & tape. I waited until the green was completely dry and then taped trash bags over to protect from bleeding as I sprayed the black on the legs/arms.

15 dollar patio chair makeover 3

Step 4: Spray Paint legs/arms black. Let dry completely and remove trash bag covering from the rest of the chair to reveal your masterpiece!

15 dollar patio chair makeover 4 As you can tell from the top feature picture, I also spray painted my massive planter a bright blue. It’s now filled with gorgeous mums sitting across from these two beauties on our patio! This chair project cost about $15 and took me less than 2 hours. My black/green spray painted grass only remained for about a week, so I’d call this budget DIY a success!

Do you have a favorite budget DIY for the home? I love to share projects with an impressive before/after and a low price tag. What do you think of this one? What are some things you’ve successfully spray painted for your place?

Happy 1st Day of Fall, friends!

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    • Mrs. Saver says

      Thank you so much Sue! I always get giddy when I meet another fan of painting:-) My friends and family think I’m a bit nuts when I say I love to paint things, but we know just how rewarding it can be to see something transform right before our eyes!

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