Free DIY I-Spy Travel Game for Kids!

I Spy Travel Game for KidsHappy Frugal Friday! I hope you all enjoyed a fabulous first official week of fall and already have your weekends planned with festivals and pumpkin fun! Of course the official launch of fall brought us 66 days closer to our Disney World vacation…not that I’m counting or anything. Okay, we are definitely counting and writing the days on our calendar every morning. Since we’re traveling with a 5 year old and 7 year old, I’ve already been in heavy trip planning mode, as it’s my job to make sure the kiddos remain occupied and fight-free during the 2 day car ride (one way). This week I want to share an awesome Free DIY I-Spy Travel Game for Kids that you can make using materials you likely already have!

I guess it’s never too early to start planning for a multi-day car trip with small children. This is especially true if you are the person riding passenger and are ultimately in charge of responding to child fights and boredom cries. It may look like I’m trying to make the trip fun for my kids but I’m actually planning ahead to make the trip fun for myself (insert evil laugh…bwhahahahah!). I may even get a nap or two!

If you’ve got a trip on the horizon and are traveling with young people, this is an awesome FREE DIY travel idea I found last week (on TheMuddyPrincess). I loved the idea so much that I immediately rummaged through my drawer of reject stickers and got to work. I even enlisted 5 year old Tink to assist, which she loved!

FREE DIY I-Spy Travel Game for Kids


  • Construction Paper (you know you all have a piece of this lying around, or you can use white printer paper)
  • Leftover random unused stickers (from your craft drawer, ripped from old coloring books hidden in  your kids’ rooms, etc…)
  • Page Protector (optional)

What to Do

  • Cover the piece of paper with completely random stickers & cram in as many as possible
  • Cover both sides of the paper if you have enough stickers
  • Insert paper in a page protector so it will last the entire trip

How to Play

  • The kids can play I-Spy together in the backseat by taking turns looking at the piece of paper covered in stickers and choosing one. The “chooser” says, “I-Spy with my Little Eye Something….” and gives a clue about the sticker they selected.
  • The other child tries to guess which sticker the clues are for!
  • If the other child doesn’t guess correctly, give another clue. Once they reach 3 clues with no successful guess, reveal the sticker.

Our kids love I-Spy games and we often play the game in restaurants if our food is taking a while (with décor in the restaurant). Of course this game is only fun for about 3 minutes for most adults, but our kids could play for an hour! We haven’t tried this travel version yet, but I’m SO excited for them to play during our trip and I know it’s going to be a hit. The best part is it’s a game they can play independently while I sleep…or listen to Dave Ramsey or Disney podcasts!

If you like this idea, you might also love my $1 Store Travel Gifts for Kids post from a couple weeks ago! That’s a tried and true technique to keep kids happy and excited throughout a long road trip and I’ve already got our trip gifts purchased and wrapped! What are your favorite road trip ideas for kids? I’ve got a few more ideas to post in coming weeks, but I always love discovering new ones:-) Thanks for stopping by!

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    • Mrs. Saver says

      Thank you Susen! It must be a little girl thing, as my daughter is crazy about stickers too:-) I hope your daughter enjoys this one!


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