High Value Grocery Rebates with Snap App by Groupon


It’s Frugal Friday, so get ready to earn high value rebates with the Snap App by Groupon! Several new apps that allow you to earn rebates on selected products simply by scanning your receipt are still appearing in the app stores. We’ve covered many of these Apps, such as Ibotta, Walmart Savings Catcher, Checkout 51, and Jingit. We’ve found yet another app called Snap that was recently acquired by Groupon! Groupon’s deal site is still growing strong, but they have decided to join the rebate craze going around. 

The Groupon Snap App works pretty much like all the other applications. You download the app and create an account. There will be rebates on various grocery items listed that you can redeem by scanning the receipt from your shopping trip into the app after selecting which rebates you want.

After they verify the funds are added to your account, you’re all set. They will send you a check after you have earned at least $20.

We did notice that the rebate amounts on Snap are higher than the others apps we’ve seen. $1.00 for milk is a great rebate!

It’s pretty simple, so create an account and get to Snapping!

Don’t forget to take advantage of all the apps out there. We’ve covered them in our 3 Free Apps to Save Big on Groceries  and our Earn Extra Money with Jingit articles. If several of the apps offer rebates for the same item like milk, then you can double up and really save!

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  1. says

    I just heard about this app! I’m definitely going to download it and give it a try. $1.00 back for milk is great especially when milk is almost $4.00 a gallon where I live.

    • says

      Milk is ridiculous. We buy it from Sam’s, which helps some, but it’s still about $3.28 per gallon. You’ll love SNAP.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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