Our SITS Girls Day has arrived!

GreatFamilyPic2For those of you joining us from The SITS Girls, welcome to our blog!! Thanks for taking time to check us out!

For those wondering what The Sits Girls is? We’re being featured there today and you go visit our post now.

We’re Ryan and Sondra and we call ourselves “The Savers.” We started Savers4Life about 6 months ago after a four year journey of taking complete control of our finances and our future. On our blog you’ll find stories and resources about saving money and living frugally, which we’ve found are the secrets to telling our money what to do, instead of letting it control us!

We are a husband/wife blogging team, so you’ll hear from both of us – which makes our blog unique! It’s fun to have both a male and female perspective on life and money, plus, we both have certain strengths which play into the topics we write about. We have 2 wonderful children, ages 5 and 7, that keep us very busy and they were our motivation for taking control of our finances. We try our best to teach them principles we’ve learned along the way, so that our family tree will be forever changed.

Saving Money is a lifestyle, so we cover many things such as: Budget Recipes, Budget Travel, Saving Money, Making Money, Budget DIY, and Budget Kid’s Activities. We don’t claim to be experts by any means, but we’ve chosen this lifestyle and we have experienced many blessings from it! Savers4Life is our way of passing that blessing on to at least one other person out there.

We’ve highlighted some of our most popular most, so grab a cup of coffee and hang around awhile!

Step-by-Step budgeting basics

Painted Patio Cushions

Nutella S'mores Dip

Items to cut from your budget to save money

Thanks again for visiting us today!

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    Happy Sits Day! I have come across your blog before and really enjoy the money saving tips you share! Love also the you and your husband are a blogging team!

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