Thrifty Thursday Finds – Week # 2

thrifty Thursday Finds

Welcome to Thrifty Thursday Finds – Week # 2

Welcome to Week # 2 of our Thrifty Thursday Finds! We’ll scour the web in search of thrifty, frugal, and money saving articles to help you tell your money what to do!

We’ll usually pull these posts from our Frugal & Money Saving Finds Community Board on Pinterest that we welcome any frugal/financial blogger to contribute to. Simply follow us on Pinterest and comment here if you want to be added. We’ll send you an invite. Please include your Pinterest username in your comment below.

Here are three great articles that stood out to us this week.

  1. Kylie Ofiu covers the basics of How to Stop Being Poor with life lessons to back it up! What an inspiration!
  2. Money troubles is the top reason people divorce. The Thrifty Issue covers Reigniting a Relationship through Hard Financial Times.
  3. Follow along with The Budget Mama as she covers her $300 Budgeting Mistake. Budgeting is a constant moving target, which is why having wiggle room does help. We’ll be covering ways to cut things from your budget to save money this week.

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