Use Sales and Rewards to Save on iTunes Gift Cards

Save Money on iTunes gift cards

It’s Frugal Friday and we’ve got a fun tip this week! If you’ve read our post on how we Save Money and Cut Cable, then you might have remember us mentioning that we sometimes buy a season pass on iTunes to supplement a cable network show that isn’t available on Hulu. When we buy a show season pass on iTunes, we often use iTunes gift cards! Here’s how we use sales and rewards to save on iTunes gift cards – a strategy that helps us stretch our budget.

Here’s our strategy for using sales and rewards to save on iTunes Gift Cards.

On any normal day you can pretty much buy iTunes Gift cards at face value in a retail store such as Walgreens or Sams. Spending $25 will get you $25 in iTunes credit and $100 will get you $100. We’re here to share some great news – you should NEVER pay full price for iTunes cards!

Save your Rewards : Save up your rewards from programs like Best Buy Reward Zone, Credit Card Rewards, etc. When you make a purchase at these stores or using a particular credit card, their rewards programs award you award points that can be used to purchase iTunes gift cards when they are on sale.

ITunes Gift Card Sales: Best Buy, Target, Sam’s Club, and Walmart will run sales where you can get a $100 iTunes gift card for $80. You’ll see most of these stores offer sales around Black Friday, but they also occur at random times throughout the year.


  • We save up any rewards points at Best Buy using their Reward Zone program. We’ll wait for Best Buy to put their $100 iTunes gift cards on sale for $80 and then purchase them using our store rewards. Usually we can grab $100 worth of iTunes credit for only $25 depending on how many rewards points we’ve accumulated.
  • Target will take 5% off if you join their REDcard and use that to pay at their check out registers/online. Target will also sell $100 iTunes gift cards for $80 at times, so you can combine the REDcard discount along with the sale price.
  • Walmart will often run a sale similar to the above, although I’ve seen it more around Black Friday.
  • Sam’s Club always has a little discount, but through their Instant Savings program they will also knock them down to $100 for $79.98.

There’s nothing too fancy about this method, but if you’re only paying about 80% of the cost for iTunes credit, then a $19.99 tv show season pass on iTunes really only costs you $15.99. That’s a cheap 1-time cost for a full season of your favorite show without having to pay a monthly cable bill.

What ways have you found to cut costs with iTunes using gift cards?

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