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Birthday Freebies and Coupons


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We wrote a post titled Birthday Freebies and Coupons about ways we receive many free or heavily discounted meals by signing up for a company’s email list. These Birthday Freebies and Coupons land right in your inbox. Another suggestion we recommend is creating a “junk email” using any of the popular “Free” services. GMail,, Yahoo, etc are all good sites to use. That way you leave your real email address clean and without all the spam emails. Many restaurants will feature a club or email list you can access and we’ve tried to link all we’ve come across below. If you find any please comment below and we’ll update this list as needed. (Note: We’ll try and add what we received, but these are subject to change at any time.)

Last Updated: 8/14/2014

Quick Tip! To Speed up the process we suggest using a form filler like Roboform! You can create an identity and easily fill out the forms. While at it, you should use it to protect your passwords.

In almost all case the links below will take you right to the signup page to save you time looking around the sites.

Acronym Key: B1G1 = Buy 1 Get 1 | ASU = At Sign Up | OB = On or Close to Birthday