Use Sales and Rewards to Save on iTunes Gift Cards

Save Money on iTunes gift cards

It’s Frugal Friday and we’ve got a fun tip this week! If you’ve read our post on how we Save Money and Cut Cable, then you might have remember us mentioning that we sometimes buy a season pass on iTunes to supplement a cable network show that isn’t available on Hulu. When we buy a show {Read More…}

High Value Grocery Rebates with Snap App by Groupon


It’s Frugal Friday, so get ready to earn high value rebates with the Snap App by Groupon! Several new apps that allow you to earn rebates on selected products simply by scanning your receipt are still appearing in the app stores. We’ve covered many of these Apps, such as Ibotta, Walmart Savings Catcher, Checkout 51, and {Read More…}

How we Cut Cable and Save Money Every Month

Cut cable and save money

If you’re looking for an easy way to save money each month, look no further! I’ve written detailed posts the past several weeks about Step-by-Step Budgeting Basics and Items to Cut from Your Budget, but I wanted to get into more detail about one of my all-time favorite things that we cut from our budget…our {Read More…}

Earn Extra Money Shopping with Jingit!

Earn Money with Jingit app

It’s Frugal Friday and today we’re going to share how to Earn Extra Money Shopping with Jingit! The next time you’re out shopping, make sure and download the Jingit app from the Apple or Google Play store! This app doesn’t take much time at all and allows us to earn some extra bonuses to help with {Read More…}

Simple Items to Cut from Your Budget to Save Money – Part 2

Ways to Cut Your Budget and Save Money Part 2

Happy Wednesday, Savers! I’m so thrilled you’re following this post today because it’s definitely a special topic that I care about. Once you write your budget down, who doesn’t want to trim some expenses somewhere?! This is Part 2 of a series I started on Monday called Simple Items to Cut from Your Budget to {Read More…}

Tips to Save Money at Fall Festivals

Save money at fall festivals

It’s mid September (already!) and fall officially begins this month! I’m a warm weather fan, so the brisk air that comes with fall isn’t exactly my favorite thing in the world. When I start to dislike the changing weather, I remember that several fun things happen this time of year, including fall festivals galore! Our {Read More…}

Exciting Site Updates!

Site Updates

Mr. Saver and I hope you all enjoyed an amazing weekend! We are beyond excited that fall is practically here because that also means our Disney trip is around the corner! Only 80 days left – not that we’re counting or anything! It’s been 4 months since we started and we’re constantly making tweaks to improve the site so {Read More…}

Pair Kid’s Meals and Coupons to Save while Dining Out!

Kids Meals and Coupons

It’s #FrugalFriday and we’re going to cover how to Pair Kid’s Meals and Coupons to Save while Dining Out! We use these tricks almost every time we eat out and we usually escape paying less than $20 to feed our family of 4. Here’s how!