High Value Grocery Rebates with Snap App by Groupon


It’s Frugal Friday, so get ready to earn high value rebates with the Snap App by Groupon! Several new apps that allow you to earn rebates on selected products simply by scanning your receipt are still appearing in the app stores. We’ve covered many of these Apps, such as Ibotta, Walmart Savings Catcher, Checkout 51, and {Read More…}

Earn Extra Money Shopping with Jingit!

Earn Money with Jingit app

It’s Frugal Friday and today we’re going to share how to Earn Extra Money Shopping with Jingit! The next time you’re out shopping, make sure and download the Jingit app from the Apple or Google Play store! This app doesn’t take much time at all and allows us to earn some extra bonuses to help with {Read More…}

3 Free Apps That Save Big Money on Groceries

3 Free Grocery Apps To Earn Money

 Note: Post contains affiliate links, but these are our words. We were not compensated for this post outside the affiliate links. Happy Frugal Friday! Grocery shopping is something most of us have to do every week, so we try to keep our weekly expenses under $100. There are several ways we save money on groceries (see our {Read More…}

10 Ways to Spend Less than $100 on Groceries

10 Ways to Spend Less than $100 on Groceries

Now that I’m a full-time mom and we are living off one income, it’s very important for us to stay on budget with groceries and dining out. We are also trying to pay off our house, so staying under budget means we have more money to apply there. After a few months of trial and error, {Read More…}

School Lunch-Money Saver #cheaplunch

Cheap School Lunch Idea

Try these school lunch money saver tips! Reusable plastic divided containers cut lunch prep time in half and you don’t need flimsy sandwich baggies. This method also takes the guesswork out of lunch portion sizes. I seriously feel like an Iron Chef with 20 seconds on the clock when I’m slinging food into these babies. An Iron {Read More…}

Organize Your Snack Drawer


  Quick tip to organize your snack drawer or cabinet…use the snack boxes! I simply cut the tops off the boxes, neatly align them in my cabinet and voila! Snacks stay separated and organized so the kids (and you) can make a quick pick when hunger strikes. No need to purchase fancy baskets or bins. {Read More…}