Resources To Save Money

We create many posts and articles regarding living a Frugal Life. As we create these page we often will link to various tools and resources to save money along the way. As we add these tools we’ll link to them here, so this can be your one stop for all your Frugal Living needs.

Disclosure: Please note that some of these links may be affiliate links and we may earn a commission off them. There is no additional cost to you! We have used these services or tools and have had good luck with them.

 Money Saving Apps

  • IBOTTA IBOTTA is a very fun and addicting app available for the mobile phone platforms. You complete little mini-games to earn rebates for items you buy at the store like milk, eggs, and bread.
  • Walmart Savings CatcherYou access this app by downloading the Walmart app for your mobile phone. Note: you’ll need a account. You can scan you receipt to price match local competitors automatically.
  • Checkout 51: Checkout 51 is a simple program that offers several rebates on items that are updated every Wednesday. You are not required to do anything but scan your receipt and note which items you’re getting rebates for. 
  • JingIT: JingIT is another app where you can scan your receipt and get rebates back for purchasing certain products that change weekly. They take it a step further and also allow to scan the barcode of products (if in the store) and take a survey on that product. Doing so also gets you more rebates. It kind of adds a fun element.

Money Saving Programs

  • Roboform: This is an amazing online form-filling program that auto fills your contact information as you enter for giveaways, coupons, and many other things online. It’s also an AMAZING Password managing program that lets you categorize and save passwords for many sites you frequently use.
  • This is a fantastic online meal planning and grocery list program that we use and it works well on all devices, including smartphones and ipads.
  • Financial Peace University: Our favorite financial course taught by Dave Ramsey. Taking this course changed our lives and inspired us to help others through!
  • This free online budget management program helps you track spending throughout the month to ensure you never go over budget on accident again!

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